April 02, 2017

Invisible hair must haves

When it comes to my hair I'm pretty easy. A Tangle Teaser and some GHD's (mine are about ten years old now and are still going strong) is all I really need. That was until I discovered Invisi-Bobble and Batiste Invisible Dry Shampoo. 

I hardly ever tie my hair up because I usually get bobble-ache after a few hours due to my hair being really thick, but the Invisi-Bobble has changed the game completely. This bobble holds my hair in a high ponytail all day, yet it doesn't feel tight or give me any pain. When I first bought it I was sceptical because I thought it looked like a piece of plastic that was going to stretch easily and not hold my hair in place, but it does! I can even do my hair in a high bun and it keeps it in place and doesn't hurt or come loose. It's amazing. Everyone needs to have one.

Batiste Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner 
I wash my hair every other day and on the second day I always use Batiste Dry Shampoo. I usually buy the dark one even though I'm blonde because I hate having those white splodges you get when you spray it too close. So when I spotted this Invisible Dry Shampoo in Boots, I just knew I had to give it a go. This one also aims to condition hair too so it doesn't look too dry, something which i think a lot of people with thinner hair won't like, as I could imagine it would make your hair feel greasier, but for my thick and dry/over processed hair this isn't an issue. I love the Cocoa and Cashmere scent too! 

Let me know what your hair must haves are.

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