February 05, 2013

Gift Ideas: for her

Love it or loathe it, Valentines day is soon approaching. I thought it may be wise to give the male readers of my blog a little help when it comes to getting that perfect gift for the one they love. I'm not being judgemental here, so if you know you are more than competent enough to get the right gift for your lady then WELL DONE YOU! However, if you are completely stuck for ideas and have been that guy who left it to the last minute (forgot) only to run to Tesco and pick the last crap card left on the shelf or a bouquet of shit flowers from the local petrol station, then carry on reading......

Now, what a girl really wants from their husband/boyfriend/fiancé or friend with benefits is to receive something that has been thought about. I can help you, but i can't do it all. So have a think about her personality....is she a girly girl? or does she hate flowers and cheesy stuff like teddies and chocolates? Keep that in mind as we begin:

1. Perfume. A good choice is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, it smells very sweet and i haven't met a girl yet who doesn't love the scent. Already got it? Try Ralph Lauren Romance... the perfect perfume for a romantic candle lit dinner. Talking of candles......

2. Candles. If your girl loves to relax then a Yankee Candle is the way forward. Make sure you know what kind of smells she likes, some can be very floral and others very sweet.  I quite fancy the sound of red velvet cake but she may hate it.

3. Jewellery. This is always a good move, especially if it comes in a tiffany blue box. Think about it though, if she has a sparse looking pandora bracelet...then try getting her a love heart charm for it. Or if she loves Swarovski then think about a heart shaped necklace.

4. Roses. There isn't anything wrong with buying your loved one roses. Just make sure you get the right kind of flowers or colour she likes. Also try somewhere like Marks and Spencer Flowers as it may work out cheaper than going to your local flower shop where they charge £5 per red rose.

5. A keyring. This is the perfect gift if you are moving in together. I know it doesn't sound like much, but when its a heart shaped Mulberry key ring its different. Again think about what kind of bag she carries and if it will go with it. 

6. Lush.  A heart shaped box full of gorgeous smelling bath products is bound to make her happy. Lush do a wide selection of boxes, so if she is already a fan of Lush try picking out one with the bath bombs she usually buys.

7. Heels. If your girlfriend is into fashion, then how about splurging on a pair of red heels and leaving a little note inside saying "Wear me tonight for our date". Again think about where she shops. Does she love Kurt Geiger? or is she more of a designer chick? NEVER FORGET that nothing says i love you like a pair of red soled shoes. Similarly, you could buy her a little red dress from ASOS for your date......

8. Hotel Chocolat. Does your lady have a sweet tooth? Hotel Chocolat have got it covered with their wide range of valentines chocolates and hampers. Pair this with a romantic dvd and a home cooked meal and you have got valentines day covered for half the price of going to the cinema and a top notch restaurant. 

9. A photo frame. Is your loved one a home body? A sweet Valentines gift would be a photo frame with personal words, like this one from Etsy.

10. If your lady loves to read or is a gadget queen, try a Kindle or an Ipad Mini and downloading her a few of her favourite books and music would get you top boyfriend/husband points.

Finally and on a side note..... Nothing says i FANCY THE PANTS OFF YOU....like Agent Provocateur.....
This ones technically a gift for both of you but if your girl loves her underwear then you will probably strike very lucky on the 14th Feb ;-)

I guarantee that this Valentines day you will put a smile on her face rather than tears in her eyes....and probably put yourself in the good books for hmmm at least the rest of the year.

Girls leave me a comment below telling me what your perfect valentines day gift would be and maybe leave this page open for your guy to *stumble* across....A subtle hint wont do your fella any harm! If you aren't loved up right at the minute.... don't forget theres nothing wrong with treating yourself :) x


  1. I hope my husband reads this. I would love perfume and high heels but after eleven years together i wont hold my breath. Great post!

  2. I would love any of these!! Great ideas x


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