January 20, 2013

French Moisturisers

While in Paris i picked up some moisturising skin care products that have been hyped up in the beauty blogosphere recently. The first, Effclar Duo by La Roche Posay is a primer/moisturiser/serum all in one that makes the face feel silky soft and reduces the appearance of pores ready for foundation, not only that but it tackles acne and those annoying little pimples under the skin throughout the day (god send!!). I have to say i do really like this product mainly because of how clear my face is. If you sometimes have problem skin i would highly recommend giving this a go. I really want to trial some more of the Effclar range if this product is anything to go by. The next skin care product i purchased was the Lait-Creme Concentrate by Embryolisse, which is a moisturiser that is used in most make up artist kits. I have to say this took a lot of getting used to because it is a thick white substance that is kind of greasy and takes a long time to sink into my skin properly, but I do like this product and it does make my dehydrated skin feel plump. I just tend to use this as an over night moisturiser, so i don't have to worry about shine. 
The good news is that you can actually get La Roche Posay skincare in the UK at Boots. However, Embryolisse is still strictly found only in French pharmacies, but i think you can find a few online stockists and if you are desperate to try it there is always ebay.

January 19, 2013

The Three Lip-Keteers

I suffer from chapped lips. I always have, especially in winter. If i don’t drink two litres of water a day it is inevitable that my lips will be red, dry and flakey. NOT ATTRACTIVE. So i tend to invest in lip balms all the time. Here are my three favourites, one is reasonably priced (NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Moisturising stick), one is medium priced (Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream) and one is ridiculously priced (By Terry Baume De Rose). All are amazing at making my lips soft but i find these three work best at different times of the day. Confusing i know but let me explain. Reve De Miel is the perfect handbag lip stick because you can use it on the go without thinking, it smells of honey too which i didn't like at first but now i love. Baume De Rose is the perfect lip balm for a date when you do not want to wear a lipstick but want your lips to look plump and kissable. Baume De Rose is thick and nourishing, smelling of (yes you guessed it...) ROSES, which i personally love, but i know some will hate. As for Eight Hour Cream, i usually put this one on before bed as part of my night time skin care routine, its very thick and shiny, which in my opinion is too greasy for wearing out of the house, but it does works like a dream as an over night lip serum. I honestly cannot choose a favourite, they are all perfect in their own way and all work so well at making my lips look smooth, plump and most importantly.... not flakey! 

January 18, 2013

The perfect body combo

I am a girly girl & I love sweet (sickly) smelling things. So every week or two i like to rename a normal day "Beth's at home spa day" and get to work making myself feel pretty. This day for me was on Thursday. Let me set the scene. The hot bubble bath was ready and the Yankee candle was lit. I would like to think that i was so glam dahling that I drank wine or champagne in the bath tub, but i (unfortunately) am not. Never the less I relaxed. Lets be honest ladies, little is more pleasurable than that feeling. Once I had de-fuzzed, I got to work with the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub. This smells amazing and is a thick substance full of goodness. It makes your legs feel baby soft...Even on your knees. AMAZING. But to top it off, after getting out of the tub an hour or so later, I rubbed in the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Soufflé Body Creme. If you haven't smelt this new addition to the Laura Mercier Body & Bath line, then I highly recommend you do pronto. As the thick substance sinks into your skin, your body instantly smells divine and so soft. Together they make the perfect combination for gorgeous girly skin.
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