October 11, 2012

Make-up: Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection

Last Thursday MAC cosmetics launched their latest collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn has always been an idol for me. I have loved her fashion sense and blonde hair ever since i can remember and that has carried through into my adult life. So when i heard the collection was out, i knew i had to get my hands on a few pieces because as a beauty junkie, i have always loved looking at images of how her make-up was applied, especially her winged liner and red lips. The ever so talented make-up artist Lisa Eldridge did a make-up tutorial over on youtube a few months ago, which was very informative on the techniques used to create her eye shape ect... Check it out here (LINK) if you haven't already seen it. Unfortunately, a few things i wanted were sold out, but what i did get i absolutely love. First up, the packaging is so cute. I know, I know.... i have to chuck it away..... but i really want to keep the packaging haha! MAC even added a cute little touch when opening the box, which is sealed with a little red Marilyn lipstick print....LOVE.Aaaaanyway. On to the products themselves. I got the peach blusher in Legendary, which is so subtle yet really warms the cheeks up without being over powering. I have never owned a peach blusher before, so this is a really nice item to add to my make-up collection. As for the lipsticks, i got the nude one called Pure Zen and the red called Love Goddess. Pure Zen is a really nice warm toned nude, that doesn't conceal your lip colour and make you look dead because its a Cremesheen formula! Result. As for Love Goddess, the colour is absolutely perfect for recreating the classic Marilyn look. It has pink undertones, which makes it much more wearable and its also a Satin formula, which gives it a nice shine. This is honestly my favourite collection MAC has ever done and i really hope i can get some more pieces when (and if) it comes back in stock!

Did you get anything from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection?

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