February 09, 2012

L'Oreal Cheryl Cole Lipstick 297

I am not going to lie, even if this lipstick had been green, I was going to buy it regardless. Ever since I heard that Cheryl was going to be producing a lipstick with L’oreal for her charity, I have wanted to purchase it. I like Chezza, I enjoy L’oreal make-up products and I LOVE charities.

I am always on the hunt to find the perfect red, as I really struggle to find one that doesn’t make me look washed out or have yellow teeth. I do think with red lipstick, fake tannage is key.

I have to say I was ever so slightly skeptical to purchase this, when I swatched it on my arm in boots, because this isn’t a subtle red at all, but I bought it anyway and I have to say am pleasantly surprised.

I tried it earlier with no fake tan and it doesn’t look bad with my natural skin tone at all! It also must have a hint of blue in the colour concoction, as it makes my teeth look super white.

It is quite shiny, which I don’t mind because I have dry lips but the only down side is that they L’oreal have not produced a lip pencil to match the lipstick shade, which is a problem as it does bleed quite badly.

All in all, I like it a lot and I vow to wear it next time I go out on the town, ‘cos I’m worth it wye aye man’.


  1. Replies
    1. it really is a beautiful colour:)

  2. Ohh I love it. I know this is weird but you have beautiful lips :)xx


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