February 24, 2012

Infinity ring

My infinity ring came this morning and i love it, its so tiny and delicate!
*here is the link if you want to have a look*

As you may already know, i love the meaning of the symbol (see infinity necklace post), so when laura from buynowbloglater posted about this ring i desperately wanted it. Then last thursday i was in a lesson (oops) when i saw Shannon's post on her blog thebeautyforte. It looked so beautiful, so i ordered it that minute and i am so glad i did. 

I am really pleased with my first experience of ordering something on etsy. Laura was lovely and after we discussed what size i should get, she made the ring to measure, which makes the ring feel really special! I decided after talking with Shannon that i would order it in a size to fit my ring finger, rather than on my knuckle, because i was too worried i would lose it, but i do still want one for my knuckle, maybe in gold or rose gold.

what do you think? have you ordered one?


  1. Such a beautiful ring! i did a post not so long ago because Laura (Blognowbuylater) had also made me desperately want a pretty little delicate ring haha x

  2. I've been looking for a small ring to go on my little finger, but I have such small fingers I can't find one that fits! This looks absolutely perfect, I loveee it and think I might have to buy one too now!!

    Chloe x

  3. This looks so delicate but lovely X

  4. I love delicate jewellery like that!

  5. Love it, seen it on blogs. $98 for a tiny baby ring is a little pricey for me to indulge in though, so its a pass for me =(
    However have purchased from etsy before & got something similar to the jordan askill heart ring.

    Xx keep up the blogging


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