January 27, 2012

tattoo love 3

In december, some of you may have noticed that i 'instagrammed' a picture of a tiffany box. It was a monumental occasion, in which me and my boyfriend celebrated our fifth anniversary together. He gave me the 'Tiffany Infinity pendant' to suggest that our love is infinite, yep he is such a cutie! I love the symbol, it's so simple but can mean so much. So i looked into tattoo's of the symbol and was shocked by how many people have actually had the symbol tattooed on them in different places to represent different things, such as love, religion or peace.

Here are some of the ones i found inspiring, to me they are beautiful:

(all from tumblr)

I love the idea of having it tattooed on your ring finger, especially if you are getting married. I also love the idea of his and hers matching tattoo in the same place on your bodies, such as your wrist. The infinity symbol is definitely something i am considering getting tattooed in the future.

So what do you think to the symbol? What tattoo would you get?


  1. i adore the infinity sign and really want it tattooed on me somewhere! The idea of getting it on your ring finger is lovely :) xxx

    1. its beautiful isnt it! yep i think thats what i will have done on my honeymoon haha

  2. I never knew what this symbol meant until now! I think the finger is my favourite...I quite like tattoos there anyway where you just get glimpses of them every so often :)

  3. Love infinity sign! It makes amazing tattoo :) xx

  4. I'm waiting to get his & hers tattoos with the boy. I think we either said wedding or 9 years?! It's a Mayan glyph meaning "Companion Spirit" x

  5. My favourite number is 8 as I was born on the 8 May and it means eternity, it's such a beautiful symbol. Love the inspirations, got me thinking about getting something x

  6. absolutely adore all these tattoos - i'd love one like it ~ to add to my growing collection!

    you're a lucky girl - the tiffany necklace is stunning!

    karen x

  7. I have the same necklace- its timeless and stunning! x


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