October 22, 2011

Topshop Ambush Boots.

Guys meet my new babes, the ambush boots by Topshop, for me i feel they are replicas of the acne pistol boots which i love and since i bought them i really have not wanted to take them off, so i think they will be worth the money for amount of wears i get out of them. For me, they are the most expensive boots i have ever bought at £75 (which some might think isn't that much?) but i am trying to get into the mode of 'quality not quantity'. They also do them in a drag-queen-esque glitter bomb boot, which i also reaaaaalllllly love, but i didn't get (sadly). I am definitely becoming a shoe convert.....shoe wishlist to follow.


  1. Oh my! Can't believe you managed to get your hands on 'em sweet, they're beautiful and forever sold out :P My friend bought the glitter versions and they are SO nice. xx

  2. Oh they are absolutely lovely, wish I had some money to buy winter boots wish :) x


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