October 22, 2011

Topshop Ambush Boots.

Guys meet my new babes, the ambush boots by Topshop, for me i feel they are replicas of the acne pistol boots which i love and since i bought them i really have not wanted to take them off, so i think they will be worth the money for amount of wears i get out of them. For me, they are the most expensive boots i have ever bought at £75 (which some might think isn't that much?) but i am trying to get into the mode of 'quality not quantity'. They also do them in a drag-queen-esque glitter bomb boot, which i also reaaaaalllllly love, but i didn't get (sadly). I am definitely becoming a shoe convert.....shoe wishlist to follow.

September 24, 2011

Chanel Nail Colour 531 Peridot

I have always been a huge fan of Chanel beauty products, pro lumiere is an amazing foundation, the blushers are the best shades no other brand can replicate, the mascara's make your lashes so voluminous and the bronzers are so beautiful. I fell in love with Chanel's nail colours when i was bought my first one for my birthday in Chanel's famous red over 4 years ago. So when i heard about Peridot i knew i had to have it, a beautiful gold, blue and green shimmery polish.... the only down side to Chanel though is the expense, £17.50 for a nail varnish is very very expensive. However, (to justify it) my red one is still going strong 4 years down the line, and when you think about it that way, it is worth it, over the time it will last. The colour is indescribable, a different colour with every move of your hand and the lighting. I love it so much i don't think i am ever going to want to take it off.

P.S sorry about my terribly short nails!!

Beth x

April 05, 2011

tattoo love 2

i really want this tattoo, its not often i find a tattoo image i like, especially this big, but the perfection of the feather and the french for "im not sorry for anything" together is just amazing. so perfect.

beth x
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